Sunday, July 31, 2011

12.63K Run to Port Stanley

Today I ran 12.63K from a starting point in St. Thomas to Port Stanley in 1hour and 58mins with our running group. 
Me at my starting point
Me finishing.  I actually finished at a different spot then everyone else, at it was my first time and I didn't know where I was going, but still did the distance!
I am very happy with this as it was faster then my 12K last week and I didn't feel like death at the end.  When everyone made it across the finish line, everyone ran different distances, we had lunch at GT's.  I tired the new flavours of energy chews I got during this run and they all tasted fine and did not bother my stomach at all.  One mistake, I forgot to put on Body Glide for my run, so I am a little sore right now from chaffing.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

4.4K Run

Today I ran 4.4K with the running group in 39mins.  I am happy with this as it is faster then my last 4K run.  I picked up some more energy chews to try, Blueberry Pomegranate and Cranberry Apple GU Chomps and Cran-Razz Clif Shot Bloks.  I will be trying these on tomorrows run and my runs next week.  Tomorrow I am running 12.5K to Port Stanley with the running group.  Hopefully it will go better then my last 12K run.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

6K Run #4

Tonight I ran 6K in 1hour.  Faster then my last 6K so I am happy with that.  It was very humid today, compared to yesterday and I felt it.  I have also discovered the source of my back pain.  I seem to only get lower back pain when I wear my shorts.  I think because I am always pulling them down.  I need to get some more capris, especially for my longer runs.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

8.15K Run

I decided to take yesterday as a rest day as my left leg was a little tight and sore, decided to listen to my body.  So tonight I ran 8.15K in 1hour and 20mins.  Not to bad considering I had to stop and wait from some traffic crossing Oxford Street during rush hour without a light.  This is the route I ran:
N-BIKE PATH TO H20 @ WASHROOM OR ELIMINATE 8K without second water stop
On tonight's run I tried GU Chomps, Peach Tea flavour and Clif Shot Bloks, Mountain Berry flavour.
  Both were pretty good and they did not bother my stomach.  This run went a lot better then my 12K run on Saturday and made me remember why I enjoy running.  I was starting to doubt myself on Saturday.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Cross Train #3

Tonight I did 4.13miles on the elliptical in 65mins.  I am happy with this as it was faster then my time 2 weeks ago and I also did not want to do anything when I got to the gym.  I also bought some GU Chomps, Clif Shot Bloks and Eload Ediscs.  I will be trying them all out on my runs this week and give a review. 

Saturday, July 23, 2011

12.29K Run

Today I ran 12.29K in 2 hours.  It was a hard run.  I had to walk a bit on the last 2K which did not make me very happy.  I might have also visited the splash pad before I ventured up the last hill.  My stomach did not feel well when I got home, but a little Gatorade made it feel better.  I think I will have to look in to getting some Gu Chomps for my next run.  I am getting a little discourage as I am running my longer runs.  I am not sure how I am going to make it through a 1/2 Marathon.  My training schedule is as follows:

Monday: Cross Train
Tuesday: 8K Run
Wednesday: 6K Run
Thursday: Rest Day
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: 4K Run with the Running Group
Sunday: 12.5K Run to Port Stanley with the Running Group

Friday, July 22, 2011

4K Run #2

Tonight I ran 4K in 40mins.  At least I am staying consistent!  I am a little worried about my 12K run tomorrow morning with the running group.  It will be my longest run so far.  Hopefully I won't die from the heat!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

6K Run #3

Tonight I ran 6K in 1hour and 3mins.  Wish it was a little faster, but at least it was a little cooler tonight, only 30 degrees instead of 33.  Tomorrow is suppose to be up to 38 degrees so I am glad it is a rest day for me.  Now my lovely hubby is going to get us some ice cream from Dairy Queen.  Yum!
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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

8K Run #2

Tonight I ran 8K in 1hour and 22mins.  About the same as my last 8K.  There was one biker on my route that passed me 5 times during my run.  It was 33 degrees out when I started my run, but I knew I couldn't push my run to Thursday as it is suppose to be even hotter.  I also couldn't push my run later in the evening as I needed to be home by 9pm for Degrassi.  New episodes started last night!  Any Canadian readers will know what I am talking about.  It's good that I have priorities and that a Canadian Teen Drama dictates my schedule...

Monday, July 18, 2011

Cross Train #2

Today was a cross training day.  I had the day off work as I had to take Maggie to the vet for her annual check up and I had an eye doctor's appointment.
Though I had the day off I was late getting to the gym and ended up cutting my work out to just 1.5miles on the elliptical.  I had made a veggie lasagna earlier in the day and did not want to end up eating at 9pm as the lasagna still had to cook for an hour after I arrived home.  Oh well, I guess I will make up for it tomorrow as I have a 8K run scheduled.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

6K Run #2

Tonight I ran 6K in 1hr and 2min.  I wish it was a little faster, but oh well.  It was a run that started with me feeling like death as it was 31 degrees out but ended in me feeling like I could have kept running when I was finished.  My training schedule for this week is as follows:

Monday: Cross Train
Tuesday: 8K Run
Wednesday: 6K Run
Thursday: Rest Day
Friday: 4K Run
Saturday: 12K Run with Running Group
Sunday: Rest Day

Friday, July 15, 2011

Barking Frog Summer Night 5K recap and New Balance Sock review

Tonight I ran my first race, the Barking Frog Summer Night 5K!                                    
                                                                                                                         Official times are not posted yet but I crossed the finished line at 44min and 36sec.  I am very happy with this time as my goal was 46mins. 
My race packet.  # 117, some pamphlets and coupons. 
We also got this nice beer mug!
Me before the race.
Me finishing and high fiving our running group leader!

I also wore a new pair of running socks for my run today, New Balance Elite NBX.
Were they worth the $12 I spent on them?  Not sure.  My feet did not get overly hot so that was good and they are fitted.  I think I may save them and wear them only for races just so I don't wear out my $12 socks too quickly.  They didn't wow me, but I am also not sure how socks would wow me.
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