Sunday, April 28, 2013

Forest City 1/2 Marathon

Today I ran the Forest City 1/2 Marathon in 2hours and 36mins.  I was hoping for 2hours and 45mins so I blew that out of the water!  Today is my hubby's birthday so his parents and brother with his girlfriend, came to visit and see me finish!
Me before the race!

Coming up to the finish!

The finish!

My nice new medal!
Here is my schedule for next week:
Monday: Rest Day!
Tuesday: 8K Run
Wednesday: Rest Day
Thursday: 8K Run
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: 5K Run
Sunday: 12K Run

Saturday, April 27, 2013

8. 24K and 4.11K Runs

On Thursday I ran 8.24K in 1hour and 1min with the running group.  Again, a great 8K run for me!
Today I ran 4.11K in 30mins.  I am very happy with this time as well.  It was a very nice warm day.  I ran in a tank top and capris.  It is going to be a nice day for the Forest City 1/2 Marathon tomorrow.  I attended the race expo today to pick up my race packet and got a lot of good stuff!

Monday, April 22, 2013

3.7K Solidarity Run for Boston

Tonight I joined a Solidarity Run for Boston.  I ran 3.7K in 26mins.  I wanted to do 7K but my ankles weren't feeling it.  There was a good turnout, probably about 50 or so runners.  The organizer was surprised by the turn out as he thought there was only going to be a dozen or so people.  They had ribbons and bibs for everyone.  I am planning on wearing my ribbon during the Forest City 1/2 Marathon on Sunday. 
Me after the run, a little sweaty!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Week in Review

On Tuesday I ran 6.34K in 50mins.  On Thursday I ran 8.24K in 1hour and 1min with the running group.  It was really warm out which was nice.  I am really happy with this time as I am looking forward running my upcoming 8K races in June in 1hour.   Before our run I had the privilege to hear two members of the Marathon Group speak about their experience at Boston this year. Luckily everyone from our running group had made it over the finish line before the bombs and they have returned safe with their families. 
On Friday we traveled to Niagara Falls for the night for my birthday. 
Our room at the Four Points Shearton

View of the falls from our room!

City View from our room

My husband bought me a new Coach purse for my birthday and he won $400 at the casino! 
My new purse!

Fallsview Casino

It was really rainy and windy when we arrived and on Saturday when we left it was cold and snowy!  Needless to say we didn't go for a walk by the falls, just drove by. 
On Saturday I ran 5K in 41mins.  Today I ran 13.71K in 1hour and 47mins with the running group.  This is the route we took:
north Clarence
west Queens
west Riverside
north Wharncliffe
east Phillip Aziz
north Lambton
east University X bridge
south Sunset
west Huron
west Bike path into Gibbons Park
east St James
north Colborne
west Cheapside
south St George
west St James
south Bike path
east Ann
south Talbot
east Central
south Wellington
west Dufferin
south Clarence to Club

It is actually part of the Forest City 1/2 Marathon Race Route.
This is my schedule for next week:
Monday:  #BostonStrong Solidarity Run (7K Run)
Tuesday: Cross Train
Wednesday: Rest Day
Thursday: 6K Run
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: 4K Run
Sunday: Forest City 1/2 Marathon

Monday, April 15, 2013

The Long Run Book Review

The Long Run by Matt Long with Charles Butler.

I thought it was fitting that we are reviewing The Long Run on the day of the Boston Marathon.
The next time you think you're having a bad run, think about Matt Long.
Matt Long was a New York Firefighter, a 9/11 responder, and a Boston Marathon qualifier when he was hit on his bike by a corporate shuttle bus making an illegal turn during an illegal transit workers strike. He went from being in the best shape of his life to a 5% chance of living, having been literally torn open as the bus ran him over and dragged him and his bike, ramming his seat post up through his body and crushing his pelvis.

Through the heroic efforts of surgeons, doctors, and nurses, he lived, but that was only the beginning of his struggle. He had to learn to walk again, a goal that many physical therapists told him was noble but unattainable. He didn't give up, finding therapists who believed that his competitive nature and his peak physical fitness at the time of the accident gave him an excellent chance of not only walking again, but running another marathon and ultimately an Ironman.

Most of the book is about his recovery, which was slow and ponderous at times. Matt doesn't skimp on the medical details of his injuries or recovery. At times his descriptions are graphic and cringe-inducing, but there's no other way to communicate the horrible damage to his body and what he had to do to recover. Sometimes its a bit hard to read. He also doesn't hide his periods of  depression. It's not feel-good inspiration on every page. Even without his specific goal of running, this book is a guide through recovery to whatever your goal might be, which Matt carries on with his IWill Foundation.

Matt eventually got himself fit and capable enough to run the New York Marathon in 2008 (the same year the Lance Armstrong run, who beat a cancer that gave a 50% of surviving, which were much better odds than Matt was given). Matt's legs didn't completely work yet and the pain in his feet were excruciating, but he kept going. Matt hadn't returned to his Boston qualifier time, but he finished the race. That would be remarkable in itself, but it wasn't enough for him. He trained up and went on to compete in an Ironman finishing just in time for Mike Reilly to say "Matt Long, you are an Ironman".

I really enjoyed this book and found it hard to put it down.  I found myself telling my husband all about it, and some parts he did not want to hear!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

17.79K Run

Today I ran 17.79K in 2hours and 21mins with the running group.  It was cool out but sunny.  The rain finally stopped today!  Because of all the rain we have had recently we had to make a few detours during our run due to the bike paths being flooded.  This is my schedule for next week:
Monday: Cross Train
Tuesday: 7K Run
Wednesday: Rest Day
Thursday: 8K Run
Friday: Going to Niagara Falls for my Birthday!
Saturday: Niagara Falls/5K Run
Sunday: 14K Run

Saturday, April 13, 2013

5.9K, 9.79K and 2.59K Runs

On Wednesday I ran 5.9K in 49mins.  On Thursday I ran 9.79K in 1hour and 15mins with the running group.  It was a very cold and windy run.  Today I only ran 2.59K.  I had 6K on the schedule but it started to rain/snow.  I am tired of the cold and did not want to get stuck out in the rain.  Tomorrow I have 18K scheduled. 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

23.55K Run

Today I ran 23.55K in 3hours and 4mins with the running group.  I was hoping for it to be under 3hours, but it was still a good run.  At the 21K mark I was at 2hours and 44mins!  This means I should be able to meet my goal for Forest City 1/2 Marathon of 2hour and 45mins no problem!
Here is my schedule for next week:
Monday: Cross Train
Tuesday: 10K Run
Wednesday: Rest Day
Thursday: 10K Run
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: 6K Run
Sunday: 18K Run

Saturday, April 6, 2013

9.91K and 5.92K Runs

On Thursday I ran 9.91K in 1hour and 15mins with the running group.  It was a nice warm nice.  Was able to wear capris, long sleeve shirt and running vest. 
Today I ran 5.92K in 45mins.  Today was a bit cooler.  Tomorrow is suppose to be 17 degrees Celsius for my last "really long" run of 24K.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

5.23K Run

Tonight I had 10K on the schedule, but I really struggle with getting 10K in after work.  Instead I did 5.23K in 40mins.  Some mileage is better then none!  On my run home tonight I look over to my left to the street and there was a turkey!  I stopped dead in my tracks and it ran at me, then flew over my head and over a house!  It was the strangest thing!