Saturday, December 10, 2011

NCL Sky Cruise to the Bahamas - Trip Report (Day 4) December 7th 2011

Today we arrived at our second port of call, Nassau.

We had a sit down breakfast at the Palace which was very good.  We got off the ship before our scheduled excursion to do a little shopping in Nassau.  It was insane.  I am surprised we did not get run over!  We headed back to the port after about an hour to wait for our tour guide. 

Our Ship, The Norwegian Sky
We took a tour of Atlantis and the Dig, which is the resort's large aquarium.

The tour was very good and thought it was well worth the $59 we paid.   
After the tour we headed back to the ship for some lunch.  We filled the afternoon with some reading on the deck and a nap.

Another towel animal!
I went for a 2mile run on the running deck while we were still docked.  It was a very scenic run, but very humid.  I forgot what it was like to run in the humidity. 
We had dinner at Crossing.
Roasted corn and cheddar soup
We went to see a show at the Stardust theater, On Broadway.  It was very good and we actually got to sit in reserved seating as the guest they were reserved for did not arrive.  We went to the Casino for a bit and then headed to the comedy open mic night at Outriggers.  We ordered drinks, I had a very strong Long Island Ice Tea.  We stayed for Karaoke where the usual suspects sang.  

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Wells L said...

HOW.MUCH.FUN.WAS.THAT!!! Oh man it looks so warm and sunny and beautiful and dreamy!!!!! Yeah, I'd take running in the heat & humidity right about now (it's only 15* here today-ha!). The title said day 4 - I must have missed the other posts - I'm going to check out your archive.