Sunday, June 30, 2013

4.17K Run and 10.7K Run

On Saturday I ran 4.17K in 32mins.  I didn't get out to my run until 1pm so it was pretty hot for my run to the splash pad.  A nice surprise on my run was finding out that the City of London had put down a sidewalk on Victoria Street within the last week.  This will make my runs to the splash pad safer!
Today I ran 10.7K with the running group in 1hour and 23mins.  The highlight of this run was that a deer almost cut me off while running on the bike path.  It appeared out of no where from the soccer field at Greenway Park and when it saw me, it ran beside me for a few strides before jumping into some long grass.  I have quite the luck with running into wildlife on my runs this summer!

Go the Distance 8K Race

On Friday was Go the Distance 8K Race. 

I ran it in 56:51!  I am really happy with this time as it was pouring rain for the whole race!
The race starts at Western University with a loop around the track then out through the campus, through the neighborhood and Gibbons Park before ending on the football field.
Before the Race.  Not too wet yet!

Running the loop around the track!

Coming up to the finish!

Crossing the finish line!

Cross Train, 5.88K Run and 4.1K Run

On Monday I went to a Body Pump class at Goodlife.  It was pretty hard!  I will go back again, but it is hard to get to the class due to my work schedule. 
On Tuesday I decided to go to the gym at lunch to work on my arms.  I bought a dress for my friend's wedding at the end of July and want to see if I can get my arms in better shape before then.  I think that I over did it at the gym, working on my arms two days in a row, because by the time I got home from work Tuesday night my right arm was killing me and I could not move it above my chest.  Even though I was in pain, I still went out for a 5.88K run which took 46mins.  It started to feel better on the second half of my run, but when I got home it was really painful again. 
On Wednesday it was still pretty painful, so I decided to skip the gym and take it easy.
On Thursday my arm was feeling a lot better and I ran 4.1K in 30mins with the running group. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

South Huron 8K Trail Run

On Saturday I ran the South Huron 8K Trail run in 1:01:21.  This is 2 minutes faster then last year!  It was really hot and I forgot how hilly the course was. 
Me before the race!

Some Bagpipes to start the race!

The start of the race!

Me coming up to the finish!

Finally across the finish line!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Week in Review

On Monday I went to a Newbody class at Goodlife.  I have been doing pretty good at keeping up with my cross training.
On Tuesday I ran 6K in 46mins.  On Wednesday I ran 4.25K in 33mins. 
I didn't run at all on Thursday as I participated in the Big Bike ride for Heart and Stroke.  I was the top fundraiser again this year!
On Saturday I ran 5.89K in 47mins.  It was really hot on Saturday!
Today I ran the South Huron 8K Trail run.  Race report to come once the official times are posted.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Week in Review

On Monday I went to a Newbody class and stayed for the CXWorx class.  CXWorx is sooo hard.  It works your core and my abs were sore for days! 
Tuesday was the first day of the new Half Marathon Running Clinic.  I ran 6.44K in 47mins with the group. 
This session John has us running 5 days a week.  I am not sure how long I will be able to run 5 days, but I am going to try.  So on Wednesday I ran 4.15K in 32mins.
On Thursday I ran 6.14K in 45mins with the running group.
On Saturday I ran 4.13K in 33mins.  I ran my route to the near by splash pad but it wasn't working.  Maybe next time!
Today I ran 8.07K in 1hour and 4mins with the running group.  It rained lightly for the last half of the run. 
Here is my schedule for next week:
Monday: Cross Train
Tuesday: 6K Run
Wednesday: 4K Run
Thursday: 6K Run
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: 4K Run
Sunday: South Huron 8K Trail Run

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bayfield Safe Harbour 5K

Sunday I ran the Bayfield Safe Harbour 5K.  I ran it in 34:33.  I am pretty happy with this time.  It was a great day for a race.  Not too hot!  There was one girl who kept running past me then walking, then I would run past her. She would then run past me then walk again.  I was getting very annoyed with this. With 300metres to go she passed me the last time and I was able to step on the gas and finish before her.  From the results I think 5 seconds ahead of her. 
Me before the race

Coming up to the finish!

Look at me go!

My hubby's dad came to see me run which was nice and we all went out for breakfast afterwards!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Cross Training, 8K Run and 5.37K Run

I started off the week well with going to a New Body Class on Monday night.  On Tuesday I ran 8K in 1hour and 4mins.  I didn't do anything Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.  I did run 5.37K in 41mins this afternoon after going into work for a couple hours this morning.  Tonight, I worked on finally framing some items from the Disney Wine and Dine 1/2 Marathon. 

Tomorrow is the Bayfield Safe Harbour 5K Run so I should get to sleep!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Week in Review

On Tuesday it was pouring rain after work, so I moved my run to Wednesday night instead.  On Wednesday I ran 5.29K in 41mins.
Thursday I was super lazy and skipped my run all together.  No real reason, just laziness.
Saturday I ran 8K in 1hour and 4mins.  My goal was to run 8K or until it started raining whatever came first.
This thought continued to today when I ran 9K in 1hour and 13mins.  I has 12K scheduled but after being rained on 3 times, I decided to throw in the towel.  I did get to see some baby Canada Geese on my run.

Here is my schedule for next week:
Monday: Cross Train
Tuesday: 8K Run
Wednesday: Rest Day
Thursday: 10K Run
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: 5K Run
Sunday: Bayfield Safe Harbour 5K