Thursday, June 30, 2011

6K Run

Tonight I ran 6K in 1hr and 1min.  A little slower then I would have liked but my legs felt a lot better then they did on Tuesday.  Today was suppose to be my rest day but I opted to rest yesterday instead, as yesterday my legs were a bit sore and I twisted my back somehow.  I felt a lot better today and actually felt like I could run a few more kms after I finished my run!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Today I a celebrating some firsts for me!  Firstly, I ran 7K, my longest run to date.  My Runtastic widget says 3.5K because, again, I accidentally hit stop at my half way point.  Argh.  I ran 7K in 1hour and 14mins.
I have also signed up for my first race ever.  The Barking Frog Summer Night 5K. 
I also received my first real follower, Forward Foot Strides (  Before my only follower was my husband, so he didn't really count.  Thanks so much for following me.  Nice to meet another London runner!