Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Haunting 10K Race

Today I ran the Halloween Haunting 10K race in 1:18:29.  I am pretty happy with this time as I wanted to be under 1hour and 20mins. I was at 40mins at the 5K mark and 47mins at 6K. I was really happy with these times. It was a pretty cold morning with the temperature being -1 when we left the house. 
Bundled up before the race!

It warmed up in time for the race. 
All set to run!
Almost 2K
At 5K
Coming to the finish!
 My husband's parents and brother came to visit today and was at the finish line when I ran through.  We then went out for a nice lunch at Applebees afterwards.

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Wells L said...

Looks like a BEAUTIFUL Fall day!!!! LOVE the shirt and glad you were able to get a black shirt for under it - cute! Great job on your race!!! Love the pix!