Thursday, January 24, 2013

3.1Mile Treadmil Run and 7.9K Run

Last night I ran 3.1Miles on the treadmill at a speed of 4.7. 
Tonight I ran approximately 7.9K in just over an hour with the running group.  My Garmin would not pick up a signal so I am not 100% of the distance and time.  This is the route we took:
north Clarence
west Queens
west Riverside
north Wilson
west Blackfriars
north Wharencliffe
east Oxford
north Talbot
east St James
north St George
east Victoria
south Waterloo
west Pall Mall
south Wellington
west Central
south Clarence to Club
It was pretty cold out tonight, when I got home it was -18 degrees.  It did not seem as bad as it sounds, but I did have icicles on my eyelashes and frost forming on my balaclava.
We are renovating at work, so today was spent packing up the office.  I was so busy I did not drink very much water during the day, so I was parched when it came to my run.  I drank at every stop light, so it worked out okay.  

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