Saturday, August 4, 2012

2 Approximate Runs

On Thursday I ended up having to run to running group as there is construction downtown and I would not have made it in time to drive from work.  Because of that I started my run from work.  Of course my Garmin did not pick up a signal until I was .7K into my run.  So in total my run was approximately 7.64K in 1hour and 9mins.  It's always nice when you get to running group already sweating!
This morning I went to the pack run, but it was only me and leader there.  Luckily he didn't mind running slow with me.  My husband was playing with my Garmin last night as it was not connect to my computer and he forgot to turn it off, so it was dead this morning.  I think we ran approximately 5K in 43mins.

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