Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bayfield Safe Harbour 5K Run

Today I ran in the Bayfield Safe Harbour 5K Run.  I ran it in 37:14.  A little slower then the Downtown 5K but it was much hotter.  They was a little issue with the race shirt sizes.  I had asked for medium but ended up with an extra large.  Oh well!
The race shirt
Throughout the whole race, this one lady would pass me then walk, so I would pass her.  She would run again and pass me, then start to walk again.  This probably happened 10 times.  This made me so mad.  At the end with .3K to go she tried to pass me again, so I just went for it and put in all I had left.  I ended up passing a few people before entering the finishing corral.
Me coming up to the finish
Crossing the finish

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