Thursday, June 14, 2012

6.41K Run

Tonight I ran 6.41K in 56mins with the running group.  A little slower then I would have liked, but my legs were not feeling the greatest today.  It was not an ideal day today for my run as a number of things went wrong.  I was at a job fair all afternoon and was not able to fuel adequately during the day.  On my way to Gibbons Park to meet the group, all the roads were closed due to construction.  I then forgot my iPod in my car, so it was a boring run and I forgot to put on my Body Glide.  Then about 1K in a bird attacked me and tried to take my hat.  After my run I found out that a number of people were attacked by the same bird.  The one good thing of my run was that I got to run through a splash pad tonight!
This is the route we took:
S-Bike Path Gibbons
S-Bike Path Harris
W-King St Bridge
W-Bike Path
Turn around at Tunnel

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