Sunday, June 30, 2013

4.17K Run and 10.7K Run

On Saturday I ran 4.17K in 32mins.  I didn't get out to my run until 1pm so it was pretty hot for my run to the splash pad.  A nice surprise on my run was finding out that the City of London had put down a sidewalk on Victoria Street within the last week.  This will make my runs to the splash pad safer!
Today I ran 10.7K with the running group in 1hour and 23mins.  The highlight of this run was that a deer almost cut me off while running on the bike path.  It appeared out of no where from the soccer field at Greenway Park and when it saw me, it ran beside me for a few strides before jumping into some long grass.  I have quite the luck with running into wildlife on my runs this summer!

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