Sunday, June 30, 2013

Cross Train, 5.88K Run and 4.1K Run

On Monday I went to a Body Pump class at Goodlife.  It was pretty hard!  I will go back again, but it is hard to get to the class due to my work schedule. 
On Tuesday I decided to go to the gym at lunch to work on my arms.  I bought a dress for my friend's wedding at the end of July and want to see if I can get my arms in better shape before then.  I think that I over did it at the gym, working on my arms two days in a row, because by the time I got home from work Tuesday night my right arm was killing me and I could not move it above my chest.  Even though I was in pain, I still went out for a 5.88K run which took 46mins.  It started to feel better on the second half of my run, but when I got home it was really painful again. 
On Wednesday it was still pretty painful, so I decided to skip the gym and take it easy.
On Thursday my arm was feeling a lot better and I ran 4.1K in 30mins with the running group. 

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