Sunday, November 4, 2012

3.1Mile Treadmill Run and 13.07K Run

Last night I ran 3.1miles at a speed of 4.7 on the treadmill in 39mins.  It was cool and rainy last night so I opted for the gym.
Today I went to work with my husband and ran home for a total of 13.07K in 1hour and 48mins.  I then had a nap and went into work for a bit as I will be out of the office in Toronto for Monday and Tuesday of next week, then back in the office for 2 days then off to Disney World! 
Tonight we went to see Flight.

It was pretty good.  On the way home we saw a strange thing.  There was a man sitting on top of a cab.  We went around the block and when we returned the guy was now trying to fight the cab driver in the middle of the street.  We called 911 and waited for the cops.  There were a few other cabs stopped as well.  It was nice to see that all the cabbies stick together and help each other out, no matter what company they work for.

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