Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Westin ST John USVI - Trip Report (Day 1) April 26th 2012

Today we set off for our trip to St John USVI which I was nominated from work to attend.  We drove to Toronto from London.  From there we flew from Toronto to Philadelphia and Philadelphia to St Thomas USVI.
St Thomas USVI
 From St Thomas we took a water taxis over to St John.  It was a pretty fast and bumpy ride going over.  Some of our group got quite wet on the ride.
The Westin Resort.  View from the water taxis.
We arrived in St John shortly after 3pm, where we were greeted with a drink waiting for us at check in! 

Our Room


Our building

An Iguana (you will see lots of pics of these guys from my trip!)

View from the beach!

View from the main lobby to the water and the pool

Max the African Grey
 From there we checked out our room, freshened up, explored the rest of the Westin Resort and attended the reception dinner for our group event.
The Welcome Reception Dinner


Anonymous said...

How fun. I checked in yesterday. I'm here on business but so far its been raining the whole time.

Amanda said...

Looks nice.