Tuesday, January 10, 2012

4.85K Run

Tonight was the beginning of my winter half marathon clinic!  This year the marathon group and the half marathon group are running together.  There are about 50 members in the marathon group and about 14 in the half.  Tonight I ran 4.85K with the group in 37mins.  I am pretty happy with this.
This is the route we ran:

west Dundas
north Clarence
diagonal X Victoria Park
north Wellington
east Pall Mall
north Waterloo
west Grosvenor
south Wellington
west Kenneth
south Waterloo
west Pall Mall
south Wellington
diagonal X Victoria Park
south Clarence
east Dundas

I tried the Smores flavoured Luna Bar today before my run and I was not impressed with the taste.  I thought it tasted a little gritty.

Since I did not receive my training schedule until last night, here is what this week looks like for me:
Monday: Cross Train
Tuesday: 5K Run with the Running Group
Wednesday: Rest Day
Thursday: 6K Run with the Running Group
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: 4K Run
Sunday: 8K with the Running Group

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Amanda said...

Sounds like a good training plan so far!