Saturday, December 10, 2011

NCL Sky Cruise to the Bahamas - Trip Report (Day 2) December 5th 2011

First day on the ship.
We were a little skeptical of the shuttle to the Port as it was arranged by the hotel and we had already experienced how inefficient they can be.  We arrived and were on board by 12:30pm and headed straight for the pool deck. 

I bought a very overpriced drink but got to keep the plastic glass (we ended up with 5 plastic glasses by the end of the trip).  Before we set sail I had already went for a swim, jumped in the hot tub and had some ice cream. 
View of Miami
We had lunch at the Garden Cafe buffet and toured the ship a little more as I wanted to find the running track.  We then had our muster drill and the party began with a pool side BBQ.  When our luggage arrived we completely unpacked as our stateroom was not big enough for our two large suitcases to remain out of the closet. 

Sorry the picture is so blurry

We went to a liquor tasting at the gift shop and spent a few bucks at the casino.  Then off to dinner at Crossings where we were seated at the Aft of the ship with a nice view.  I had Broccoli Cheddar Soup, Penne Pasta and Apple Pie.

Ended up having this for dinner twice!

We then went to see a Jeopardy game which was quite funny and then went to watch Karaoke (which became our nightly tradition).  The Karaoke started off slow but near the end it was quite good.  I had decided to to run tonight as I was having difficulty getting used to the movement of the ship.  Tomorrow we arrive in Freeport.      

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Wells L said...

That's a teeny tiny shower - but the room looks bigger than I ever imagined it would be - I had a like bunk bed and 2' space to the door pictured in my head. Looks like a super fun. LOVE LOVE LOVE the photo of you and your man on the lounge chairs - how scenic and fun!!! Saying that I'm getting a bit jealous - but good news, after seeing your photos and reading about your trip - I'm totally putting a warm destination cruise to my bucket list.