Tuesday, December 13, 2011

2.1Mile Treadmill Run

Tonight I ran 2.1miles on the treadmill.  I then picked up some baking ingredients as I need to bake and make pasta salad for our associate potluck on Thursday.  That will be tomorrow nights task.  Now I am settling in to watch Glee!


Wells L said...

Ohhh I'm making pasta salad for Christmas Eve - I found THE CUTEST red stripped bow tie pasta. What recipe are you using to make yours? Hope it is good and your coworkers enjoy it!

Lisa G said...

My pasta salad recipe is super easy. Ranch dressing with onion, red pepper (usually use green but the store was out?!) and carrots with Rotini noodles.

Julia said...

nice TM miles! hope you have a wonderful day today :)