Sunday, November 27, 2011

2.5Mile Treadmill Run

Today I ran 2.5Miles on the treadmill at at 4.4 setting.  It was raining outside and since my gym is located in the grocery store, I thought I would get the grocery shopping done nice and early today as well.  I hate grocery shopping, I think it is too many inconsiderate people all in one place at the same time.
I took our new SUV to the grocery store today and of course I parked as far away as possible from other cars and shopping carts as I want to protect it from all the parking lot dangers as long as possible.  When I went back out to the car to grab my bags after my run there was a shopping cart beside it!  It didn't hit it but one gust of wind and it could have done some damage.  I hate how inconsiderate people are and just leave their shopping carts where ever because they are too lazy to return the cart to the cart corral.  Does this bother anyone as much as it bothers me??
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Lisa said...

Thank you for mentioning my giveaway. xo

Aimee said...

I also get frustrated by random carts left behind in the supermarket parking lot. I generally park near the area where the carts are collected to make it easier to return my cart since I usually have my son with me. I'm glad you're car was ok. Great job on your run!