Saturday, May 25, 2013

6.56K, 6.4K and 4.18K Runs

On Tuesday I ran 6.56K in 54mins.
On Thursday I ran approximately 6.4K in 43mins with the running group.  It was the last night of our running group as the Ottawa Marathon is this Sunday.  There was only about 10 of us as most of the Marathoners were tapering, also it was cold and raining.  John our running coach actually ran with me.  I always feel bad when a fast runner runs much slower to run with me but it was nice to have some company!
Today I ran 4.18K in 31mins.  Tomorrow is the Dairy Capital 5K Race in Woodstock. 

I completed the 10K last year, but it is a really hilly course, so this year I decided to only run the 5K.

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