Saturday, February 11, 2012

4.10K Run and BTB Sunglasses Review

Today I had scheduled 5K run but ended up only running 4.10K.  It snowed a lot overnight and it was cold this morning so I opted to sleep in and complete my run this afternoon when it would be warmer.  It was still -10 when I went out and the sidewalks were still not plowed.  I wore my new running pants I bought yesterday and my sunglasses I won form Healthy Heddleston giveaway! 
BTB 130
 The sunglasses fogged up a little, but I don't think they were specifically designed to be worn with a balaclava in -10 degree weather.  This is what I looked liked before I headed out!

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Amanda said...

Good job getting out there! Love the look of the glasses and it looks like you were prett bundled up!