Sunday, September 11, 2011

Springbank 1/2 Marathon!

Today I ran my first 1/2 Marathon.  I ran the Springbank 1/2 Marathon in 3 hours, 6 minutes and 10 seconds!  I am pretty happy with that result considering I did not have an ideal training week leading up to the race, due to a number of reason.  I had no issues with my foot today just the regular aches and pains that come from running that distance.

Me at the starting line!
The first portion was a loop around back through the start, so this is around 2.5K
This is just before the 4K mark
Around the 19K
Coming up the the finish!
Crossing the finish line!  They had announced my name so everyone was cheering me on!
Getting my medal!
My medal!
Here is my running schedule for the next week:
Monday: Rest Day
Tuesday: Rest Day
Wednesday: 5K Run
Thursday: Rest Day
Friday: 4K Run
Saturday: 6K Run
Sunday: Rest Day
Since our running group is now done I will have to create my own training schedule for the Halloween Haunting 10K run on October 30th.
Also, visit Pink Hat Runner and Pain, Pride and Perseverance for giveaways!


Wells L said...

Congratulations !!! The first one is such a life changing thing!! I'm sooo proud of you for doing such a great job!!! Way to go!!!!! Love the photos - it looks like a great race!!! Your first half mary bling - whatcha gonna do with it? (Please don't say put it in a baggie like my running partner does).


Julia said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! such an amazing accomplishment!

thank you so much for entering my giveaway and listing it here :) I am excited to follow you and wish you well in your fall races!