Saturday, September 3, 2011

8.45K Run and Plantar Fasciitis

Today I was scheduled to run 12K with the running group but was only able to do 8.45K as I have developed a case of Plantar Fasciitis today in my right heel.  I could not believe how much pain I was in and did not know what I did.  When I returned back to the running store both the group leader and all the other participants knew exactly what the problem was, Planter Fasciitis.  Great, with one week to go until the Springbank 1/2 Marathon.  It was suggested that I ice my heal, and use a golf ball to roll out the bottom of my foot.  I have been doing that today since I got home, but there is still a bit of pain on the on the bottom near the outside of my foot.  I have even convinced he needs to massage my foot.  I know that a few of you have struggled with Plantar Fasciitis, what are your suggestions so I can make it through my 1/2 Marathon in a week?


Wells L said...

Hi - I saw your comment on my blog and thought I would jump over to offer my deepest sympathies! PF is no fun!!!! I literally have tried it all. I have a few suggestions that you can take or leave. With your half so close I would:
1. Call a podiatrist and see if he/she will tape your foot for your race. That's a sure fire way to keep it from hurting during the race and with your race being so close - it's a pretty good option.
2. I would use a roller ball or I have use The Stick to do my own at home scraping. Roll the Stick or roller ball exactly where the pain is - rub hard and deep - it'll hurt like you are going to throw up.
3. Stretch like it's your new part time job. Stretch BEFORE you get out of bed - stretch before you get up after sitting down for awhile - stretch after a run or walk - stretch just because you have 30 seconds and aren't doing anything.
4. Ice bath soaks and/or warm epsome salt baths - 30 minutes.
5. If you're game for meds - you might want to try RX strength Ibuprofen (800 mg) three times a day with food.
6. I went through a series of PF massages by a medical massage therapist - since your condition is new - this might be the BEST fix to your issue if you have access to a massage therapist who has experience working with PF (an athletic trainer might also work) - you may also have luck getting into a Phys. Therapist and get 2 scraping sessions in before your race that might also help.
7. Wearing a night splint cured my issue the first time around. If you have access to a store that sells them and you can get it soon it might be helpful - if not, you can google photos of what they look like and rig something up until your race.

Here's what I've done that didn't help:
1. rolling on a tennis ball
2. rolling on a golf ball
3. rolling on a frozen ice bottle
4. rolling on a frozen tennis ball
5. rest

Good luck girl - promise you'll let me know how you're doing!!! I'm so sorry for your pain and hope that it won't keep you from kicking butt next week!!!!

Lisa G said...

Thanks for your advice!