Sunday, June 19, 2011


Hello all and welcome to my journey of training for the Springbank Half Marathon in London, Ontario on September 11 2011.  My ultimate goal, however, is to run the Disney Princess Half Marathon on February 25 2012.   To reach my goals I have joined a running group here in London that seems to be helping me work towards these races.  Although the running group just started on June 11th I feel that it is going to be a big help, especially with outlining the training I should be doing each week.  I decided to name my blog Slow and Steady Wins the Race as right now I may not be the fastest in the group, actually probably the slowest, but I do finish each run I attempt.  The past week I ran 20k in total.  For the week coming up my schedule is as follows:
Monday:  Cross Training
Tuesday: 6K Run
Wednesday: 5K Run
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 3K Run
Saturday: 6K Run with running group
Sunday: Rest
I have been reading some blogs of others training for races and I feel that my experiences may help out others who read my blog.  I am also looking forward to receiving advice from those reading my blog as well.

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