Friday, June 24, 2011

3.1K Run

All day I was worried I was going to have to run in the rain today but luckily the rain stopped when I finished work.  I ran 3.1K in 31mins.  I would have ran a bit faster but I stopped to take a quick picture of baby Canada Geese, but my camera on my Blackberry would not work!  So that slowed me down longer then expected!  I need to get a long sleeve shirt to wear in the rain. I have been looking around but all the wicking shirts are so expensive.  I have seen an Under Amour one that I may get a SportChek but I do not have the money right now.  Does anyone have any suggestions of a reasonably priced long sleeve shirt I could buy to wear in the rain? I am also thinking about signing up for the Barking Frog Summer Night 5K run, here in London, on July 15th.  Oh, update on my heart burn.  The doctor gave me a sample of Nexium to try which I did yesterday and I have not had any issues today!

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