Saturday, June 25, 2011

6.33K Run

Today I ran 6.33K with our running group in 1hr.  I was still the last to finish the 6K and everyone else, except 2 who were doing the 10K, finished before me as well.  I was a bit slower then I hoped.  Today was a tempo run where you are suppose to finish the last half faster then the first.  I was about 1min slower on the second...  It was raining a little bit, not too bad, but I was glad I had my jacket.  I ran 21km in total this week.  I just need to fit that into one run for a 1/2 marathon...  Tomorrow is a rest day, as is the rest of today.  My schedule for next week is as follows:
Monday:  Cross Train
Tuesday:  7K Run
Wednesday:  6K Run
Thursday: Rest
Friday:  3K Run (Canada Day!)
Saturday:  8K Run with running group
Sunday:  Rest

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