Saturday, August 31, 2013

Week in Review Aug 19th - 26th

Work was super busy this week, so I did not get out for a run until Thursday night.  On Thursday I ran 8K in 1hour and 6mins with the running group.  On Saturday I ran 5.35K in 41mins.
Sunday was the Port Stanley Run!  I ran 21.52K in 2hours and 47mins with the running group.  I am pretty happy with this time as it was really hot! 
Before the run!

Coming up to the 8K mark!

Steven surprised me with being parked at the 8K mark.  This was good as I needed some more body glide!

Coming up to the finish!

John explaining to touch the sign!

Reaching up to touch the sign!

Me and Miaake in the water

Coming back in to shore!

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