Sunday, July 28, 2013

4.82K Run

Last Thursday, July 18th I ran 4.82K in 36mins with the running group.  I did not run at all during the week as it was way too hot!  We ran the route of the Barking Frog 5K as a practice for the upcoming race.  This was the route we took:
To start the run we are heading North on the Bike path to the race turnaround point (350 meters before we leave the bike path ) --- then we turnaround and head south on the bike path
----- leave the bike path up to Ann St, south on Talbot, East on John St to Finish line by Barking Frog. We will wait for a minute , gather up and return same way back to Gibbons.

I almost forgot! My skirts came this day for the Glass Slipper Challenge from Team Sparkle!
Love them!  I am going to wear the pink one for the Enchanted 10K and the blue one for the Princess Half Marathon!  Now I just need to find a blue tshirt to match!

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