Sunday, October 21, 2012

17.56K Run and Mile Markers Book Review

Today I ran 17.56K in 2hours and 26mins.  It started off pretty foggy this morning.  There were a lot of runners out and I say a lot from the Marathon group.
I am a little late (one week), posting my review of Mile Markers by Kristen Armstrong, but here it is!

Overall, I enjoyed the book.  It was different how it was a compilation of her blog posts.  I also liked how it was split into 26.2 chapters.    

Which mile markers resonated with you the most? Which didn't?
The mile markers I enjoyed the most were Balance and Gratitude.  There were no specific mile markers that I didn't resonate with me as I could to as I could relate to portions of all.  What was hard for me to relate to was the mom and the kids aspect of her book as I do not have children.  Other aspect that I could not relate to as much as Kristen was the relationship she has with other runners.  Yes I run with a training group, but all the runners in the group are much faster then I.  I rarely chat while running with others.  I do feel that running in the group is still beneficial as there is a huge support system which you gain as the others are always encouraging. 

Are there any other mile markers that you would have added, why?
I would agree with Crystal from Carpe Diem Crystal that I would add Patience as I feel a lot of people give up on running because they do not have the patience.  They run too fast I give up because it is too hard.  If they were to slow down and work their way up to a faster pace they would enjoy it more.

What was your favorite part about this book? Which was your least favorite?
In Balance the section titled Refill and in Gratitude the section titled I Get To.

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Jamie said...

Great review! Thanks for participating in the book club, looking forward to your thoughts on next month's book!